Thursday, 21 June 2012

Kim Kardashian 2012 Winter Trend

Good Day All, it has been a while since my last post but I am back.
My post today focuses on a well known fashion icon, Kim Kardashian.  I have been monitoring her fashion since she became major in the entertainment industry.  Her trends are easy to adopt as she keeps everything simple and to the point.  I myself have been trying to keep my style as simple as hers because to me, simple is the new black.

Lets take a look at here everyday/ casual look:

As you can see from her everyday casual clothing, Kim is all about the simple style which mostly consists of denim's, boots, a coat or jacket and the usual big scarf.  She usually has one item that stands out the most, giving the outfit a bit of contrast.

Winter hairstyles:

Kim's hair is long and versatile to various hairstyles this winter.  she definitely curls her hair almost everyday, making thos lovely long locks ao she can change it up with the sleek straight look or the more elegant look, by tying her hair up in a bun.

Make-up tips:

Kim's make-up definitely has a wide range being from the natural look reaching all the way to the more bold looks.  Kim always has false eyelashes on, either a nude/red/pink lipstick and blusher to finish off her looks.

Stay comfortable, warm and stylish this winter but sticking to Kim Kardashian's simple yet elegant look.  A look that should be adopted by women, and where women have the ability to add their own flavour to it.


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